• Tech Companies and Emil Michael

  • Posted on November 25, 2016
  • While he is currently at Uber, before that, Emil Michael was the Chief Operating Office of Klout, a website and mobile app that ranks users based on their social media influence and use. This is part of a plethora of innovative technology companies that Emil Michael has had the privilege of working for. He has always had an interest in innovation and technologically advanced companies because these fields are always developing and growing. Prior to Klout, he was the President of Technology Advisory and Consulting Services where he was able to work with tech companies like iSkoot, Siine, Xobni, ZocDoc, SnipIt, LendingHome, Evoly, and ChatId, just to name a few. He currently also still advises tech startups on their business strategy, development, operations, sales restructuring, and corporate development.

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